Special Report: Keith Richards new book “LIFE”

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Below I give you a special review by a good friend Fred Weber. He has been around the music scene since the early 70′s and would like to express his opinions about Keith Richards 2010 book “LIFE”. Enjoy!

Rocker Keith Richards, of the everlasting Rolling Stones, has been able to be perfectly honest in his 2010 Little Brown & Company release titled “LIFE”.

Pick the book up, and you’ll learn how to talk even cooler than you already do. Keith has no illusions as to what his life has meant to music, and the ‘straits’ throughout the world. He isn’t shy about cursing as he narrates, because his life has been too real to avoid explaining ‘shit’ for what it is; just pure shit.

He’s been, at times, the driving force that kept the Stones from crumbling under the demands of those ‘goody folk’ —who think they are swell— whilst they are delivering most of us into the hands of hell without a one of us blinking an eye, or raising a fist. His booze and heroin, he admits, gave him an ability to handle a helluva-lot-of crap.

His writing is personal and extremely, essentially, youthful. He has had a love for people on the fringe, so-to-speak, who introduced a form of music that at its’ strongest was pure soul. His appreciation of Bo Diddley and John Lee Hooker’s style of musical expression is enlightening. Fascinating to hear one of the world’s most creative and gifted guitarists and lyricists discuss the aforementioned gentlemen’s abilities to produce whole pieces using only one elemental chord. Chord changes were made with the singing voice, and the howl, not the touch of the strings.

Keith has become that soulful personna that he first admired in Hooker, and others, during his youthful struggling days with lifelong friend Jagger! He is a true rocker. Find his rag, and read a bit about what’s still most real in the world of rockin and a rollin…..

Fred Weber




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