The Dialog Project

What if Van Halen went Jazz Fusion?

Dialog Project brings us Earthlings a mixture of shreding guitar with heavy reverb and saxophone. Paired with some killer bass grooves, Dialog Project has Something for just about everyone…

It is my humble opinion, but if you like any of the below bands, then you will absolutely love Dialog Project:

  • The Cars
  • Primus
  • Kenny G on Crack
  • Van Halen

I would love to define this band, but no one could surpass what has already been written on Dialog Project’s website:

“Our tunes are per-arranged grooves that allow us to have a dialog within the realm of each groove based on the emotions, thoughts and aspirations of each moment within each moment of that groove. This allows us to have the freedom to perform each tune differently each performance according to that particular moment in time.”

On that note, I would personally like to express my gratitude and appreciation for bands that still have that improvisational power. I, The Raving Minstrel, am supposed to write unbiased reviews, however, this is something I feel strongly about. If your live show is cookie cutter each time, then who will want to return? Dynamics. Its all about dynamics and growth. So, thank you Dialog Project for continuing to carry the torch!

The Band Lounge Skinny:

Dialog Project is an extremely talented San Diego independent band playing jazz fusion all over Southern California. You do not have to take my word on this, but a live show should not be missed. Being located in San Diego, The Band Lounge might just make an appearence at your next gig and put a video up. Please keep us updated!

You may listen or download Dialog Projects songs from their website at:

In closing, it is very infrequent that a Southern California band impresses me, but Dialog Project did!

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~The Raving Minstrel


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