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UPDATE: The Big Ideas were recently interviewed by The Band Lounge. Read Interview

UPDATE: The Big Ideas new album is available for download HERE

Mariachi had sex with bluegrass, then had an affair with Sonny and Cher? WTF?

Portland, Portland, Portland. You never cease to amaze me with your wide variety of musical acts that fall out of your womb and attack your many breasts for their life giving colostrum…

In other words… Portland, Oregon holds many treasures. Among the fine micro-breweries and strip clubs you will find a band. That band is “The Big Ideas” (TBI), a pop-folk band with much more to offer than inebriation and a strip tease… Way more.

To quote the PSU Vanguard, who so aptly put it:

“Every song is catchy without being predictable or bland, and is only fully appreciated through a live show. Once the guys started performing their music, they were hooked. ”

Let me take a microdot second and mention their sound. Well, if you are fond of the melodic tunes of The Shins or the lesser known, ‘Akron Family’, you will jive on their turkey… jive turkey… You know what, now, as I am listening to one of their pieces, “Sing Songs”, in a very bizarre way, they almost have a hint of The Band. Strange…

Second, I would like to give a shout out to Banana Stand Media for conducting an interview with TBI. I highly recommend checking this out. It is a piece of artwork cremated with anecdotes, humor, inspiration and love. After reading this article, I feel like I am long time college buddies with the band. Very intimate interview. I dig it.

The Band Lounge Skinny:

The Big Ideas is a great band with a fresh new sound, but not to foreign. If you are in the mood for a mellow, melodic number listen to: “Coats ( We’ll start by going home )”, which is spewing raw talent and strong words. Need a little more oomph? Check out “Settling”, its a great tune! All of these songs are available for listening on The Big Ideas website:

Look for their new album “Live from the Banana Stand“, coming out this September. It’ll be available for digital download and on CD.

Good job guys, I like your style,

~The Raving Minstrel


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