Soup, More than a Chowder

Hey there everyone, Grant here. Today I am going to be talking about a Southern California band based out of Oceanside, CA. Their name is Soup. No, not So-Up, Soup… as in Campbell’s soup… as in clam chowder and oyster crackers. A rather funny fact is that I used to be in this band! However, Dylan is right. Time’s they are a changin’,  and times do change. Now, just because I am no longer in the band doesn’t mean I shan’t help them out right? With that said, below is an exerpt from their website.Soup Flower

Audiences and critics agree. A timeless sound, a universal sentiment, and an honest organic approach make Soup an emerging band to watch out for.

Hailing from different parts of the country Soup was born when singer/songwriter Jonathan Fleig and bassist Collin Wicker fused their energies and began performing in Southern California in 2008. They released their first studio album, “The Great Awakening,” on March 12th, 2010. This record earned them two nominations from the 21st Annual Los Angeles Music Awards for Best Americana Artist of the year and Best Americana Single of the year for their song ‘Enemy’.

While promoting T.G.A., Soup’s line up grew and changed until the perfect blend of players was found. Nolan Greene, drummer and Berkeley College student, joined the band in 2009. Gifted multi-instrumentalist, Grant Kimball, took over on lead in 2010 until his duties were called else where in mid-2011. Soup, which had always been refreshing, is now pure magic.

This current incarnation of Soup, went back into the studio in September of 2010. “Downhill March,” was the result. This five song EP was recorded live and captures the band in its’ purest form.

Their ability to make solid recordings is attributed to their vast number of performances. Their live show is a dynamic experience all ages can enjoy. The positive, open atmosphere they create causes listeners to realize Soup is not merely a musical endeavor but a spiritual exercise.

In addition to the L.A. music award nominations, Soup has been played on more than 130 college radio stations nationwide and on commercial radio stations in California and Kansas. They have performed alongside national and regional acts at over 50 prominent venues like UCSD (Marshallpalooza), The San Diego County Fair, Canes, The House of Blues (San Diego), Saint Rockes (L.A.) and was recently selected to open for U.K. band, Heal the Last Stand, on their first West Coast tour.

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