Red Tagz

Lets talk Red Tagz, and I don’t mean “Special, on isle 5″… No, I am talking about a great independent band from Los Angeles, CA.

The making of the bands talent is comprised of Edgar Robles; Vocals & Guitar, German Perez; Percussion and Noel Galan; Vocals & Bass.

One of the key elements I enjoy about “Red Tagz”, is the vocal style, which is not dissimilar to Phil Cornwell AKA “Murdic Niccals Nelson De Freitas”, lead singer of Gorillaz. This style is evident on Red Tagz’ songs ‘Love It!’ and ‘Why?’. Come to think of it. If you were to mix Gorillaz and The Cure together, you would probably create Red Tagz. A Blend of psych-rock bluesy guitar riffs, and melodic vocal capabilities.

The Band Lounge Skinny:

For a band that has been together 5+ years, they reflect the talent and togetherness that a band should posses after such time! It is a sigh of relief to hear such a unique sound. I myself have never been a fan of the ‘Rock’ genre… Nickelback can kiss my ass. However, ‘Red Tagz’, is my definition of Rock. A Rock that I would proudly support. Whether you are listening to one of their heavier songs, or slower almost psychedelic “system of a down” sounding tunes like “Sonic Irrelevance”, you will not be displeased. Our recommendation is to check this band out. You can visit Red Tagz website at:

 Recommended Listening: “Sonic Irrelevance” by Red Tagz ( Play it below! )

The band recently contacted The Band Lounge to inform us of their upcoming EP release due sometime this year. TBL is excited for this release and would like to say good luck and godspeed to Edgar, German and Noel on their upcoming tour! Good Luck!


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