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Think several years ahead of our time. In a world where thoughts are bottled and sold as ideas that can root into your mind and create even more ideas that can provide inspiration to artists in moments of struggle and writing blocks. In these times for several dollars a day we can all be geniuses.

High concept idea right?, too bad movie director Christopher Nolan came out with a movie of similar concepts (Inception) otherwise this would have made an interesting foundation for a film.

High concept ideas are important and Privatized Air, an Indi-music band formed in San Diego California in 2009, knows that. I don’t know what was rolling thru the band member’s heads when they decided to pick such a name but I’ll tell you what: Privatized Air is not just a name it is also a beautiful cacophony to be heard. If you enjoy Lou Reed, Talking Heads, television, and punkish crisp guitar sounds you will most definitely enjoy Privatized Air, They pack a lot of punch in each of their unusually short but sweet songs. This Alt/Rock/Punk band has been playing everywhere from San Diego to New York and its not for nothing, these guys ROCK!

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