Ocelot Robot

5 guys from 5 different corners of the country assemble to create an independent band which is now known as Ocelot Robot.

The ensemble fights boring sounds and kicks the normal everyday noise out to the curb.

The sound that rings while this is happening is something very unique but at the same time very familiar and appealing.

It is a hybrid sound of punk and love. It is anger expressed with heartfelt lyrics doused over a fire of pain and anarchy that flicks off the everyday norm, clichés, and just plain boring!

Formed in Hollywood in 2008 this band is coming strong and begging for attention in the Indie-music scene. Songs like “brand new girl” and “go” will have your ears providing your full attention when you find yourself in a venue with them on stage. Their first compilation of chaos and music titled Ready to go was launched in 2010 and still continues to raise ears. If you want to check out their tunes and experience the sound for yourself visit their website for a glimpse into chaos and upcoming tour dates.


With Love,

~Elio Namora


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