Breathing new life through Exhausted Pipes

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Shades of Bob Dylan can be heard in the song 2nd Number through a surprising harmonica solo, the song itself is apologetic yet upbeat, tuned with a heavy bass and picked guitar.

Black/Berry is a song that displays how well they work together technically, from it’s bluesy intro to it’s 60′s British rock background combined with admonishing lyrics.

Little White Square is a hard and fun song, with hard and heavy guitar, bursts of heavy bass and rolling drums, it seemed the band was having a great time recording this one, and it shows, while showing how well they can perform as a rock band.

And finally Skinny Hands, which embodies that electric folk sound you can only really find in a small bar or club.

Exhausted Pipes self records, produces, and engineers which allows them to be poetic, abstract, and classically upbeat while placing enough space and breaks in their songs that can make them both relaxing and driving.

Their self-titled debut album is set to release Dec. 2.


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