Aurora Smile


There is a process that all great bands and musicians have to endure in order to become great and be remembered. All the greats of our time have endured such a process and that’s why we love them. We have seen their upcoming from nothing to Rock‘n’roll legends and we have learned to appreciate their talents. If there is anything great rock history can teach anyone is that it is no walk in the park, an artist has to give it his all in order to achieve greatness. And if at first one does not find their “thing” or “sound” one must remain persistent and continue to tear down the walls before them in order to see their dreams accomplished. Even if it means loosing all the nails on their fingertips.

With this said let’s talk about Aurora Smile, a solo project from musician Nicolas Rodriguez, a Mecca, California native. Aurora Smile has an alternative/indie/post-hardcore sound that allows the ears to perk up at first listen but unfortunately does not keep them  wanting to listen to much more. Nicolas Rodriguez says he is “just some dude with ideas. Wish me luck” I say to him  “Good luck and keep pushing it. I like your stuff but give me more of everything and I will love your stuff. Give me more passion, more emotion, more riffs, and more of you and I will listen to you religiously. Your music is undeniable the music of someone talented, there is no doubt about that, now open up your chest for us and let us see what you’re made off.”

If you listen to anything indie or post hardcore you will most definitely enjoy Aurora Smile.

Nicolas, If I caught you in a venue playing your music I would embrace every second of it because your sound is worth listening. I say what I say not because your sound needs any change but because it is the type of sound that has a lot to offer. You do it all in Aurora Smile. I’m sure you see the light. Let us see it too.

With love,

Elio Namora


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