Akron Family

Though each member of the band—Dana Janssen, Seth Olinsky, and Miles Seaton—can be relegated to loosely defined roles (drummer, vocalist/guitarist, and bassist, respectively), all members play several instruments and sing, as evidenced by their shows and recorded material: Live, the band uses improvisation and three-part harmonies in prominence. On their self-titled debut record, field recordings of a creaking chair, thunderclaps and the white noise of a television find their way alongside psychedelic and electronic elements, guitars and a glockenspiel.

Between 2003 and 2007 the band was the hub of a social scene in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which revolved around the ‘Gimmie Coffee’ coffee shop. Many of the events of this period served as material for songs.[1]

Michael Gira, Head of Young God Records, signed Akron Family to the label in 2003, after receiving 3 albums worth of demo material recorded by the band in their Brooklyn flat.

Akron Family’s sound is a mixture of blues, psychedelic, folk and bluegrass, blending together instruments such as the glockenspiel and electric guitar. This is evident on Akron Family’s album “Love is Simple”, released in September of 2007. Love is Simple is a great album and has something for just about everything. Trying hard to be unbiased, I must recommend the album for it songs such as “Love is Simple”, “Ed is a Portal”, “Don’t be afraid, You’re Already Dead”. The songs are about hope and change. Something the world could use a little more of. With remnants of sixties counter culture, Akron Family preaches love and universal understanding.

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[1] Kimball, Seth. “THE AKRON/FAMILY INTERVIEW“. dynamic meter.


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