A New Sweet Sound: The Sweet Dominiques

The Sweet Dominiques, a Seattle alternative rock band, consists of three lively guys: Joe Sneva, Jarrod Fenner, and Brady Miller. Together, they create a surf rock meets the Pacific Northwest breed of country kind of sound, although this label is anything but limiting.


The eclectic composition of The Sweet Dominiques’ music allows for a stream of different vibes from across the board. In the song “Friends,” The band members demonstrate a Doo-Wop/50’s pop sound akin to The Mills Brothers or Del Shannon’s “Runaway”. The song, “Love Love Love” reminds listeners of a time in the sixties when “All you [needed] was love,” via The Beatles. Other songs, such as “Jukebox Annie” display similar traits to Indie rock groups such as Okkervil River; their lyrics are mature and confident, yet their sound is fun and danceable. Although it is easy to find comparisons to the relatively new Sweet Dominiques, this kind of collective sound makes for a playful collection of music.


The best part about The Sweet Dominiques, is that they remind listeners of youth and what it’s like being young and recklessly in love. In songs, such as “I Want it All,” Joe sings, “I’m lookin’ for love, but love’s not lookin’ for me,” expressing the pangs of honest, pesky love.


But the truth is, The Sweet Dominiques are extremely lovable; right down to their very core.


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